Freedom to Roam-wolves

Not much to do with Bass music or Global Ghettotech but this cut is just SUBLIME and I wanted to share it with you.

It’s by one of my favourite bands, TINDERSTICKS.

I stuck the full epic 14 minute version on one of my commercial releases about a year ago, CAFE PARADISO.  Some of you who watch the Soprano’s might recall it from one of the most famous eposides of that brilliant series.

You can still get it at Amazon HERE and at I-Tunes.

Here’s the rest of the tracklist:

Disc: 1
1. White Flash – Modeselektor featuring Thom Yorke
2. Moan – Trentemoller feat Ane Trolle
3. Runaway -Digit All Love
4. Phoenix – Martina Topley Bird
5. Faking the Books – Lali Puna
6. White Room-Winona
7. Falling – Irina Mikhailova (Omnimotion remix)
8. You’re a Star – Omnimotion feat Krister Linder
9. Yalla Tnam – Shift Z
10. Puerta – Atlantean feat Natacha Atlas
11. Familiar Ground – Cinematic Orchestra
Disc: 2
1. Shine- Deep Dive Corp.
2. Arcadia – Apparat
3. Citizen – Apeiron
4. Brassic(original mix) – Laroca
5. Crime De La Crème – Boca 45
6. The Gray – Daniel Agust
7. I’m For you – Bev Lee Harling
8. Half-Forgotten – Lord Skywave
9. Dervish _ Celt Islam
10. Nothing More True – John Metcalfe
11. Running Wild (Extended Instrumental Version) – Tindersticks

It’s sublime, even if I say so myself.

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