There’s something about this track that just gets right inside my head, in like a great, inspiring, feel good way.

It kind of reminds me of a cross between something that the Flaming Lips might have done fused with an Anima Sound System mentality.

It has a kind of cool pre-christmas feel about it, you know like when you were a kid and would get excited by Christmas, the good cheer in your neighbourhood and the prospect of getting those presents and eating loads of chocolates.

It just gives me a good feeling 🙂

The original track is by a guy called LOFANA based in Germany who does some kind of radio show over there.

However, it’s been remixed by a guy called BASSADOR and there’s zilch info about him.  I’ve stuck another 2 of his tracks after the main remix track.  One has a Breakbeat vibe and the other a Drum and Bass vibe.

Lofana – Santaria Gold (Bassador’s Heavy Dub Mix) by lofana

Bassador – Think about by BASSADOR

Cola&Kippen EP by BASSADOR

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