Get that Balkan Booty shakin’ cause DJ GAETANO FABRI is in da house.

Impassioned jazz musician and percussionist from Brussels, DJ Gaetano Fabri popularizes gypsy music through the club scenes throughout Europe by blending clubbing culture with traditional music.

Since 1991, known then under the name of dj Gaetan Decadance, Fabri was spinning on the techno house circuit of Belgium and France. But in 2000 he started his love affair with world music and began to fuse traditional music from the Tzigane or ‘Gypsy’ culture, Balkan brass bands of Eastern Europe, Klezzmer and Russian folk song.

Fabri’s remix of Siki Siki Baba by Kocani Orkestar, without a doubt the most incredible brass band Macedonian of this century, appears on the first volume of the now hugely popular Electric Gypsyland series and is a dancefloor favourite.

A resident since 2005 at Divan du Monde (Paris) where, with his colleagues such as Dj Tagada and DJ Click, musical explorations rooted in gypsy culture hit the dancefloor. Fabri’s desire to bring to life nights entirely dedicated to the culture of the Balkans on the international club.

DJ Fabri has been kind enough to exclusively send us a mix and a track that are only available for download for 14 days and so be quick and grab them.

CLICK HERE : Latest tracks by dj Gaetano Fabri

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