Here’s something very interesting brought to my attention by Tomasz Jurecki aka Funklore who hails from Poland.  Here’s what he says:

Thnx for putting a spotlight on Karriem Diggins – in his mixtape – Persian Funk – I found a song which is very intriguing:

Why is it intriguing – because this melody seems to pop up in various parts of the globe

It’s a Bolivian cumbia standard called Vuelve a mi lado or VUELA MARIPOSA

Plus also I found it in India:

By Kishor Kumar from film Haadsa

Which leads us to the question – who was the first one? who inspired who? are there more versions of this song around the globe?

For the sake of clarity, anybody that sheds any light on this will NOT  win $100,000!

UPDATE -The plot thickens but possibly also gets solved, maybe but I’m not sure the Persian one is the original one:

Soooo i’m getting back to the subject….
Again thanx to Karriem Diggins we have two more cases of THE SONG
This time from from Ajda Pekkan – the turkish diva

and the french version from the same artist

and again from Turkey, from a ‘new generation’ artist GokSeL

.. Karim also points out that the first one to record the song was Marjan from Iran. I had a hunch about that one…

So I think that the question about the origin is closed.
But how did it go to Sudamerica? Through the french version maybe…


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