sdp copia

Our boy, SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE is away on tour for the next 3 weeks, taking in the far eastern delights and trying to cumbiafy CHINA.   He’s gonna be out of bounds, unreachable and incommunicado!

So I’m afraid you’ve got me alone for the next 3 weeks alongside some of our guest contributors who’ll be making a post every now and zen!

Our brother Caballo is really in love with the music of SDP and wanted to try his hand at layering some ragga-muffin vocals over the top of Cartagena, one of his favourite SDP tracks.

So he did and here’s the result!

Sonido del Principe Feat Caballo-CARTAGENA

So I think this is a nice little “temporary” goodbye gift to our boy.  He’s a big boy now and he needs to go out into the big world.

We we all bid him great travels, best of luck in succeeding to cumbiafy China and we hope our boy will be safe out there in that mean old world…hahahah..;-)

And here’s a little story I would tell my boy, SDP every night before he went to beddybyes.   I hope he will remember it and pass it on to some little Chinese boy out there in Big China.

It’s a story that my Uncle Tom used to read to me every night before I went to bed, when I was just a mere nipper, up until a few months ago:

Okay, there’s your story!


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