Genuine Guy (aka Scott Pearsall) is a DJ/producer/video artist currently based in Berlin. The name, originally spelt with pound signs and stolen from a real life dating forum, was first coined for London club ‘One Size Fits All’, (co-run with Max Tundra) and has stuck with him ever since.

His first EP for Tigerbass “Bad People Get Laid’ was hailed as an underground classic and saw him DJ alongside such diverse artists as Benga, Kap Bambino, Drop the Lime and Silverlink.

After honing his skills on a series of remixes for the likes of Metronomy, Comanechi, Dolby Anol, and Kid606 he brings us new EP ‘Jealous Swingers’. Already being championed by the likes of Radio 1’s Jaymo and 20jazzfunkgreats before it was even promoed, it’s shaping up to become a worldwide dancefloor hit, and one of our biggest releases to date!

Inspired by his the fracturing of (his then native) London’s fashionable electro scene into  secular heavy bass and disco-only parties, Genuine Guy decided to experiment with putting them both back together! These tracks successfully combine the best elements of Rave, Bass, Disco and House music with a dash of Raymond Scott and Ron Geesin’s eccentric sonic trickery, to create a fresh but skewed sound that Genuine Guy has labelled ‘Disco-Wobble’


Chang ‘n Chai

Jealous Swingers – Magnum 38 remix

EP Tracklist:
1 Jealous Swingers
2 The Illegible Bachelor
3 Chang ‘n Chai
4 Jealous Swingers – Hakan Lidbo remix
5 Jealous Swingers – Magnum 38 remix

The title track’s broken disco licks ride across a massive bassline to create a sound comparable to fellow disco manglers Mr Oizo or In Flagranti, but bringing with it a uniqueness and originality all of its own.

‘Chang n Chai’ takes a more techy approach, funk stabs meet wobble bass to create a no holds barred club banger that utilises a certain over-sampled soul singer in a way you’ve never heard before.

Lastly, ‘The Illegible Batchelor’ combines a fuzzed-up, modulating disco bassline with funky amen breaks and a 4/4 ravey stomp, creating a bizarre middle ground between French Touch and UK Hardcore.

Harder upbeat techno remixes from Sweden’s Hakan Lidbo (Pokerflat, Forcetracks, Musick) and Berlin’s Magnum 38 (Shitkatapult) round out the release.

Check out the video for Jealous Swingers ‘directed’ by GG himself.

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