(This wonderful art was created by Stefan Moerth a.k.a. STEREOTYP)

Some of you wanted to know more about the origins of the BAREFOOT genre created by STEREOTYP and so I found out for you!

Here’s what the man himself says:

The Barefoot thing.

The idea came together a while back.  I thought wouldn’t it be great to actually have club night that don’t hesitate to play different tempo’s in the same evening, which was at some point almost like blasphemy.

It was like; u can’t play 95 bpm tunes then go to 128, up to 140… & maybe drop again to 80 bpm!  The heads would look at you like, how could you mix all these genres in one evening on the same night?

How could you?  Shame on you!!!

So I thought by creating a genre that doesn’t have these tempo restrictions, it will give peeps that like jumping tempo’s a right to exist 🙂

Also it might stop people calling my sound: dub, futuredancehalltribalbassmusik, since my shit didn’t ever fit in any of the existing genres.

If I think back to my first G-Stone album ‘my sound’ this would actually mark the birth of Barefoot.  People were struggling to find a name for it back then.

I also felt there should be more freedom for sound.  I myself made tunes in the past that were not released because even if a label really liked it ,they saw a problem for sales because it didn’t fit any of the tempo rules that other dance music had at that time.

Free the sound 🙂

I love the sound and power of dub, drm’n bass, dubstep, bassline, bassmusic and so on.  So now that sound and characteristic can exist in all kinds of tempo.  Barefoot 🙂

keep it dutty


So there you go, straight from the horses mouth!

Interesting man, seems that BAREFOOT came along for a number of different but unavoidable reasons.

Firstly as a means to rebel against conventional rules commonly applying to club nights which employ a standardized bmp rule.

Secondly, in order to be able to market the genre in those tidy little pretty boxes, which the industry loves so much and that the consumers and fashionista’s demand.

More on Barefoot later this year as Stereotyp’s other project KU BO is due for release early next year and man it is shit hot, been lucky enough to get advance copies of the stuff and phewwww!!!mannn!!! ahahahaha

For now enjoy a couple of more BAREFOOT BEAUTIES!!!!

stereotyp : slices (2006) ; feat RQM by stereotyp

stereotyp/poison dart mushup feat warrior queen by CRUNCHTIME


  1. well, it seems obvious if you are a music lover that you CAN’T play same tempo all night long! it’s boring for the crowd (unless they’re dubstep headz, drum’n’bass headz, funk headz, etc), cause usually theyre interested in several types of music (or not interested in any music in particular), but it’s even more boring for the dj!

    i think it’s more an attitude than a genre, isn’t it? i’m gonna try to search for more examples so i can understand you.


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