Our homie, FREDERIC GALLIANO told me about this lil’ collaboration a little while back with one of the most famous Superstar DJ’s in the world for the past few years, BOB SINCLAR.

It’s a track called “New, New, New” co-written by Frederic Galliano and Vybrate and produced by Bob Sinclar.

Check out the vid and look at Mr Sinclar getting his GHETTO BOOTY on.  Might not be to everybody’s tastes as it’s very commercial but such is the world!

I’m afraid I can’t embed the vid but click HERE to see it.

Btw, I can tell you that Fred’s got some awesome material of his own coming out next year on a special new project in which I’m kinda like involved in.   Man it is sounding shit hot….more info on that soon :-)….but it’s probably not as commercial as the Sinclar stuff.


  1. Video is blocked in Germany “due to copyright restrictions”.

    I trust your taste and don’t doubt that this track is worth recommending, but the more posts with non-accessible (or streaming only, etc) stuff, the less interesting it becomes to read the blog…

    1. We hear you dude….:-)..I hate going to sites too where it’s streaming only….

      But to be fair, the amount of items which we post that are stream only is very, very rare….but sometimes we have no choice especially when it’s an interesting item and we wanna stick it up…

      But we hear you loud and clear!

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