There some new kidz that’ve just joined BLOG CITY.  They are EMAYOCUTZ.

The blog might be new to blog city but the guys behind it are not, they’re veterans and one is quite legendary too, EL HIJO DE LA CUMBIA ;-)…check it out all HERE.

Here’s something I liberated from this great new blog that I just know I’ll be frequenting time and time again.

Welcome on board brothers and I look forward to your posts!

New week, new Cumbias clasicas! From the Cumbia Sonidera pioneers Angeles Azules we bring you Cumbia de los Boliches, an instrumental track shure to make you move! The other tune is from Julieta con los Nuñez and it’s called Viernes Cultural/La Cumbia de las Sandalias, another real classic party Cumbia…

Angeles azules – Cumbia De Los Boliches

Julieta con los nuñez – Viernes cultural


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