The brand new music networking site MIXCLOUD which has already in it’s very short time here been voted one of the top 25 music sites by the INDEPENDENT newspaper here in the UK.

I’ve been uploading some of my mixes on it and man it’s ok but it’s still early days for the site.  One of the problems or maybe it’s not a problem, is that you can’t download from it!!!

The other irritating thing about it is that they’re pretty insistent on full track listings accompanying mixes/radio shows etc.

Thirdly, it seems you can climb up their weekly Popularity chart merely by the number of plays that your item achieves, which means you could sit there pressing play continuously on your own mix and get to No.1!

However, what I really do like about it is it’s ease of access and the design and style of the players and of the site itself.

I mean they even stuck one of my mixes on their “featured” page which made me feel like a superstar dj..hahahahah alongside other peeps like Zombie Disco Squad and Zane Lowe.

Anyway, here’s 7 interesting mixes from that site that I’ve come across this week.


  1. Hey,

    Thanks for writing about Mixcloud here, we are glad you like site/service and big up for featuring some top Cloudcasts!

    I just thought I’d address a few of the points you raised about the site from our perspective…
    First off, we are a streaming only service. Mainly for two reasons, as alot of the content uploaded to the site contains copyrighted music, we are not lisenced to re-distibute it legally via a download model. Also we feel this type of content is better distibuted via an access/streaming service rather than a download/ownerships. Hopefully this is superior legal solution to distibuting this type of content online.

    Secondly, yes we do require full tracklist data for all uploads containing copyrighted data. Again this is for two reasons, primarily to help us track play data so we can attribute royalties due to artists/labels/rights holders appropriately. It also helps add useful meta data to the site which is useful to people finding and discovering this great content.

    Lastly, we are trying to make radio contetn more democratic and social. Our popular section currently runs off the number of listens so yes you can game the system by self-promo/button bashing. But users will be able to tell who has listened on the cloudcast page. The dev team are working hard to improve the popularity algorithm with some time decay functionns and self play discounting.

    Hopefully, this helps clear up a few of your points?
    Any more feedback is always welcome and we hope you continue to using and enjoying Mixcloud!

    Mixcloud Community Manager

    1. Hey thanks Rich,

      Of course all of the above points make sense and are understandable.

      We do not have the same problems with either Fairtilizer or Soundcloud and hence why those 2 sites feel more comfortable to use, from my own point of view. Albeit your design is probably superior. But what we find is that people do not like just streaming, especially when we post stream only items we find lower viewing figures of that post and also people who read our blog usually write in to vent their unhappiness about stream only items.

      In the long run I think this might affect the success of your site, maybe.

  2. Not a problem.

    Sorry for the long replies, on an iPhone and its hard to judge the length haha!

    I can understand your perspective about downloads, especially in light of other sites/services out there. However, we believe that in Mixcloud, we are building a sustainable long term service that is sympathetic to all needs across the wider ecosystem. Hence the streaming/licensing/tracklisting/royaltees solution, otherwise we’d get lots of unhappy folks writing to us with a different perspective!

    Its difficult in the short term because its a slightly different proposition and we are new to the space, but hopefully in time everybody can get something out of it 🙂

    @peter – That must have been before my time, perhaps the high heels were puncturing too many holes in the cloud? Or it just got too cold in the Wharehouse? 😉

    1. I can see exactly what you’re trying to do Rich and it all makes sense but only from an Industry perspective.

      What you’re doing is going to please the industry cause you’re doing things by the book. Now, maybe that needs to be tried but the industry is already on it’s knees because of all of the free downloads etc etc..and so I’m not so sure what you are trying to do, albeit very commendable, is going to work in the long run because people want some free downloads.

      No matter what you have on your site or how good or unique it is, it is going to lose a lot of people if there are no downloads, especially if they can go elsewhere to grab it via blogs, fairtilizer, soundcloud or file shares.

      Then again from an economic perspective, perhaps you have the chance of capitlizing on that front with some of the deals that you might be able to bag by towing the industry line…I don’t know..

      I think you need to look at the current climate and at present it’s all about free downloads. I don’t think we’d get the sort of traffic that we do (2,500 visitors per day on average) if we were towing the industry line or not allowing free downloads.

      In fact I can bet that 75% of the people who visit our site do not even bother to read our content a majority of the time but just come here for the freebies…:-))

      In the whole scheme of the “Industry” thing I do not know what future this leaves for the industry or artists but I’m afraid that’s how it seems to be at present.

      I don’t know maybe I’m wrong and you’re seeing something I’m blind too?

      But I wish you all the best of success with it but my immediate view is that stuff on your site is just not getting enough plays and I’m not sure why that is and can only put it down to the free download thing.

      By not allowing downloads it has certain consequences, for example I’d prefer to promo my mixes with a download link….it’s easier…however, I’m doing my bit to help you guys out by also, occasionally including a stream only player from your site too, in addition to the download to see how it goes.

      But I suppose only time will tell…


  3. Well, we are trying our best to please everyone, but its not always possible.

    You make some interesting comments about ‘Free Downloads’ but I think thats a debate for another post. Personally, for this type of content, I think the access model works better over the ownership model, as its more in line with the traditional radio situation, which is what we are attempting to ‘Re-Think’ 😉

    In terms of no. of plays, I’d say its still very early days for Mixcloud, so relatively I’d expect your numbers to be lower. Hopefully your listeners will grow as we do 🙂

    Thanks again for featuring us on the blog, we really appreciate it. Certainly an interesting conversation and looking forward to how things develop.


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