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Got this great track sent through by Manu Chao’s label, Nacional Records by PACHA MASSIVE featuring the brilliant RITA INDIANA.

Here’s what they say:

We’ve got the jams! Very special remix from the buzzin’ Dominican queen Rita Indiana – who added some M A Y J A H  F L A V A [pronounced ‘may-jah flay-vah’ – say it with me now] to the already hot Pacha Massive track ‘If You Want It’ from their new album.

If You Want It Ga Ga Tech Mix – feat Rita Indiana

Head over to amazon to buy the brilliant PACHA MASSIVE album.


  1. Rita Indiana e uma das mulheres mais criativas da Republica Dominicana, acho que sua musica e alem de gostosa, inteligente.

    Ela e suos misterios tem Dominican Flow.


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