Man, Birdseed is gonna be on my case BIG TIME with the above TIKI TECH image!

Anyway, this guy, THIERRY LE DJ is creating some filthy and down & dirrty dubstep choons with a very, very deep bass wobble and innovation to a degree too.

The Safari Dub track is one of the first dubstep tracks I’ve heard with jungle sounds in it and so it seems that the Tropical vibe is accessing all areas!

Mon-Dazed has one of the filthiest basslines you’ll hear in a very long time.

Illusions kind of reminds me of South Afreaka for some strange and unknown reason, I suppose cause it has a kind of Township Funk sensibility about it in parts!

Anyway, I’m loving what this guy is doing and I look forward to hearing much, much more from him.

Here’s what he says about himself:

Originally from the island of Mauritius and now based in Sydney, unsigned DJ and Producer THIERRY LE DJ has always loved underground music.

THIERRY LE DJ is a maker, breaker and spinner of breaks, dubstep, drum and bass, garage, hip-hop and techno sounds.

You can stream Safari and Mon-Dazed but download Illusions!

Safari Dub by Thierry Le Dj
Mon-Dazed by Thierry Le Dj

Illusions by Thierry Le Dj


  1. I was about to write “hé UMB stop provoking Birdseed” but… you are already HOT !!
    There’s too much of that Johan, couldn’t keep sending stuff, but I can’t help thinking of youuuuuuuu !! Terrible 😉

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