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2 of our favourite label’s, ZZK Records and Mad Decent, have teamed up for a remix contest concerning ZZK’s artist, TREMOR.

Here’s the info you need:

1. Download the remix package(s) from here and here,
2. Hit your studio and do your thing on these tracks.
3. Upload a crispy 320kbps version to your favorite file hoster ( Rapidshare, Zshare, Mediafire or Gophersharez)
4. Send the uploaded file(s) link to [email protected]
5. Now just wait … … … … DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 31st.


Info on the choons:

Tremor – Viajante

Viajante – The basic underlying rhythm of his song is taken from the “SAYA”, which is a rhythm that originates in the high mountains of the Andes. This type of song is usually played during the time of carnival, aka party time. Even though the base of the song is centered in South America, the harmony and the melody have a real Balkan sound and color. It’s an interesting array of musical instruments, some from South America, like the Charango and the Bombo Leguero, but others from Europe like the violin and the Bulgarian bagpipes or Gaida.
LEONARDO tells us, “The idea for his track has been in my head for a couple years, I wanted to mix all these elements. I was interested in mixing melodies from the old continent with folkloric rhythms from South America”.

Tremor – Malambo

Malambo – This track has a rhythmic and sonic base in the “MALAMBO”, which is a traditional dance of the Argentine Gauchos, both powerful and tribal. It originates in the Argentine pampas at the end of the XVIII century. The malambo is usually kicked at a 6×8 beat. But this track tweaks it to a shuffled 4×4 beat.
The song is an insane mix of instruments and styles, for example the charango is not typically used to in malambos, it is an instrument native to the desolate northern provinces. It also has some sampled sounds from everyday life, like a vacuum cleaner.

Tremor will be playing in Europe for the first time this November and December with stops at Trans Musicales de Rennes and Worldtronics in Berlin.
LP “Viajante” will also drop digitally on Nov. 3rd.

EP “Caracol” will be dropping on vinyl with remixes by Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolon, King Coya & Nortec Collective.

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