Cherman (a.k.a german de souza) is an Argentinian living in Barcelona who had been working on several projects under the radar, one of those projects is a blog called newtonlaspelotas; in where I found I great selection of cumbiastep/ downtempo/ mash ups made by him!

I had to admit one he has used of my favorite spanish singers La Mala Rodriguez in a clever way blending her with Sr coconut,and if you haven’t listened to her, she is one of the coolest mc’s from spain, even labeled in machete records  (I guess in the Toy Selectah era) then she went really mainstream..

People who started listening cumbia recently should know;  or perhaps haven’t noticed yet, (even if you are a  neo-cumbia lover!!) is that there’s a difference between cumbias (colombian, mexican, argentinian and venezuelan) and he does a special approach to cumbia on this cumbia-step from the cumbia villera point of view.

But what really sold me this mash up wasn’t a cumbia, in fact was something quite different; a mash-up using the amazing track let’s push things forward from  The streets‘ brilliant album original pirate material and blended it with against all odds from Chase and Status from from their More than A lot.

Superpuesto by cherman

Cumbia Mashup by cherman

Uselful info for the people who like to know how this album was created. It was made on real time using traktor + evolutionx sessions download it HERE.

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