TIPANIC are from Austria and that’s all I know…hahahha

Grab these great tracks below though, which are full of bassssss!

Beastie Boys – Triple Trouble (tipanic disco szene remix) by tipanic

Uuhh alarm by tipanic

Kid Conga (tipanic remix) by tipanic


Got some info about the dude straight from the dude!

The image is a draft of the cover from his forthcoming EP “lazed and confused”. It will be kinda mix of tunes and remixes he made in 2009 but will drop sometime 2010.

His real name is Floran Richling.  He runs a label called BIG-N-HAIRY and together with Adam Lukas, a dancehall label called BASSRUNNER. Together he and Adam form the production duo LUKE RICH and are working with Michael Rose, WArd 21, Million Styles, Lexie Lee, Trinity, Busy Signal, T.O.K:…

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