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Celso Piña is one of the most avant-garde cumbia players indeed, he has played with Control Machete, El Gran Silencio, Toy Selectah/Blankito Man/Chico Sonido and his song Cumbia sobre el rio started a whole new trend in the way we saw cumbia.

Perhaps because Blankito man a.k.a Zuzuku added a ragga style that fits perfectly with Pato’s (control machete vocalist) raw voice.

Celso is known by playing a cumbia style known as Cumbia Sampuesana. Following the same path that Conjunto Lirico Vallenato from Discos Fuentes started a new style back in the days! the cumbia sampuesana is a simple combination of  one  accordion, bass, drums, and washboard rhythm.with a high pitched accordion riff!

Here it is

Now there have been plenty of variations from this cumbia  but they all pay tribute to the sampuesano sound!  One of the jewels we can find is this one called La derrota del leon (the path of the lion).

The whole introduction for this kind of cumbia;bring us back to the original place in where it was created; one of the newest, most creative and innovative bands from Colombia is Systema Solar,  they have a great version from the cumbia sampuesana in their track mi kolombia  also a variation in bienvenidos (welcome)


Here it is their first  video for bienvenidos a MUST SEE!!

And in here you can download for free their brilliant album!

I will post in the the near future a version of Malpalpitando made by Caballo & the Mothafu Kings from Systema Solar’s first single.

Celso Piña video:


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