Probably if you have spent some free time listening to Caballo & the Mothafu Kings, you’d find many politically intended songs.

Generation Bass has been really kind in giving GLOBAL PROPAGANDA for free HERE

And why it is free? Cause I believe in sharing for sure. Also there are hundreds of reasons but mainly because I have no label. Although if I had one I’d love for it be ANTI-

Yes, Anti- the label where Tom Waits resides in, (our dear DJ Umb’s favorite guy), has a huge selection of artists. but I guess I’ll let anti- for later posts.

I’m here to bring some rebel stuff, from the super rebellious duo, one day as a lion formed by rage against the machine’s frontman zack de la rocha and mars volta drummer Jon Theodore.

2010 is getting closer and the world around de la Rocha has changed since rage against the machine vocalist screamed that anger is a gift, but nothing’s got any better,unfortunately progression stifled by the same guys holding all the power in where corporations and even media are part of the problem.

Zack still has the venom he used to inject with RATM and he is still an active activist.

If you haven’t listened to them before, I prefer not to give many details about the music because musically you’ll be highly pleased or disappointed but the EP released in 2008 is both a warning delivered and a promise kept!

You’ll dig it if you are in a rebel mood anyway.

You can listen to it HERE

Grab free posters so you can use it as a wall paper HERE


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