I remember listening to The Crystal Method’s album tweekend somewhere in 2001 with some malicious hope, specially because Tom Morello was playing on it, so i gave it a try and..pow!!

It was intoxicating!

I remember liking the repetitive beats the third or forth time I put the CD on! That’s a plus specially for a guy like me, coming from the Death Metal scene who barely could stand the terms dance/trance..I was listening to all kind of stuff but that!

Then years passed by and I was going to see Balkan Beat Box but having no idea they were the opening act for Matisyahu, I guess I was the only one who didn’t know who he was (basically because I do have a TV but never turn it on).

When I listened to him, I was absolutely amazed, by the guy’s charisma and band..then I was one more in love with the Jewish MC!

My wife turned the TV on and a dope song was playing in the background.. I turned my head and I saw it was The Crystal Method featuring Matisyahu;

Here’s the video:

Well, let’s see where we can find it for free I said to myself! and it ended up that The Crystal Method were the ones giving it for free!

You can grab it HERE

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