Picked this up this morning and man I was FROZEN cause it’s the best Madonna remix I’ve ever heard, it’s amazing, sheer BEAUTY!

If the guy who made this can get it to Madonna, don’t be surprised if this makes an official release.

You can DOWNLOAD  the MF’ Madonna – Frozen – Jedeye Rework by Jedeye

It’s by a guy called JEDEYE from Huddersfield, of all the places on earth, UK.

Here’s what he says about himself:

Jedeye aka Jed Cooper’s introduction to music came from family members at a young age. His mum and her brothers toured Europe numerous times in Rock n roll band ‘ Remember This ’ before he was born. The band were both exceptional performers and musicians and in 1977 fronted the cover of NME. This legacy laid the foundations of Jed’s musical interests. Always exposed to music, he would often venture into the family music room to bash on some drums and explore the strange equipment.

As he grew older he developed a strong interest in dance music, tuning into various Bradford pirate radio stations in the early 90’s to listen to this exciting new music they called ‘Hardcore’. Another source of inspiration came from his brother Shane who would regularly send Jed tapes of the latest Detroit techno or Aphex Twin and Biosphere releases. These along with the influence of the events he attended such as Fantazia, Ark, Pleasuredome, Vibealite, Pandemonium and various others, had a huge effect on him.

In 2006 Jed released a four track EP on independent label Kube Recordings titled ‘Aquaboogie’. It went on to receive huge praise from some big scene players for it‘s raw and diverse sound. The title track’s mixture of precision guided beats, brutal but melodic synth lines coupled with his sampling trickery of the Ce Ce Rogers classic house anthem ‘Someday’ made it an instant dance floor smash and can still be heard at events today.

After his first release ear’s started pricking up, from Nerm and Annie Nightinglale at Radio One to Junkie XL and Unique 3, people began to talk. It was off the back of this that he was approached in 2008 by Unique 3 to be part of the exciting new label Mutate Records. – Watch out because things are only just getting heated up!

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