Dancehall and hip hop have a long history together, with both influencing each other.. from supercat to shabba to buju to baby cham to shaggy to sean paul and i think that this relationship will continue..

Some producers & DJ’s believe they will have a better chance at success if they can produce a “cross over” sound which usually results in great sounding music however i think the songs that have received the most attention worldwide are those that stay true to dancehall..

like this one

a burning dancehall mixtape
Lost Riddimz by Negativz

Well if you have listened to dancehall for the past few years you’ll see how close to hip hop is getting in terms of mainstream coverage. Not sure how much dancehall music is influencing the sound of hip hop today tho; however I think within the past few years we have seen dancehall music become more and more influenced by hip hop, dance, pop etc.. to me it is evident in the sounds being used as well as the flow of some mainstream artists…
just a simple example of this is kanye west‘s heartless riddim remade in a nice dancehall/pop version by Dr evil or elephant man‘s dancehall roots version

But there’s a new generation of people who are starting a new way in looking dancehall, more daring and mixing from dubstep, to ghettotech n’ grime to give a different approach to the genre!


get ready to mix this stuff for 2010!!!

hit the spot
Caballo & The Mothafu Kings-Hit The Spot by caballo

my man process rebel has done a ultra sick tune to get dem outta here!!!
Dem Outta Here by processrebel

The ultra talented hostile made probably one of the SICKEST n’ MOST EPIC TUNES of 2009!!!
Roadz by hostile


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