U ready for dumbass DUMBSTEP…..hahahaha..Yeah I know that’s taking sub-genres too far, we already has some Shitzstep and Dopestep previously!

A guy called MERKATROID from Athens, Georgia, USA made the track below which he defined as DUMBSTEP and here’s what he said about it:

“a quaint lil’ remix I dun did for the Martin Bros. remix contest. Kinda has a split genre twisterooni”.

Man it’s a really strange track but quite a cool one too in an extremely dumbass way….lol…!

The Martin Bros-Dum – WONKY KONG ate t.Bot’s DumbStep remix by merkatroid


  1. much thanks for blogging this track! i never would have thought it would have gotten posted… Im a big fan on your blog and hope to have some more stuff you may be into soon. btw im in athens georgia (usa) hee hee .. again BIG UPS for the blog <3

  2. also not that its “that” big of a deal but the title “dumbstep” has to do with the title of the track by the “martin bros.” which is called “dum” but again I love the wit in your post.. please dont change a THING! – except my location 😛

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