Yo! Before talking about music i wanna give a big clap clap to my bro juan data and his cool blog! he’s done an excellent, funny & clever post about neo-cumbia.

Let’s start talking about my country Colombia, in where we share a particular respect for cumbia that i don’t see in other countries like mexico, argentina, or peru, in where the cumbia’s seen really low-brow or “naco” .To be honest tons of colombian don’t dig real cumbia either, i dont know too many people who’d put lisandro in their mp3/ipod or whatever they have for listening; as far as i know, most of people only enjoy this nu-cumbia or the posh, high profile “cubilleo”.

But in terms of creating music, we (colombian) musicians try to pay respect to alejo duran (the first vallenato king),or one of Colombia’s most recognized Cumbia/vallenato artists, Lisandro Meza who plays accordion, sings, and composes.  Meza played for years with duran, he also is a founding member of the Colombian supergroup Los Corraleros del majagual.

Meza’s raw voice exudes a country charm that compliments his breezy accordion style.If you want to know the african roots and his perception of cumbia, our brothers of Afropop made an awesome interview

Meza’s music is just mind blowing: he has made some of the best cumbia songs ever!! but he also has pushed cumbia/vallenato to the next level, i dunno how to describe this song (vallenato & cumbia,with a cuban guajiro influence) some people in colombia call it this kind of vallenato paseo,( It is the most played and marketed rhythm in the vallenato music. Generally, this is the one that is used to make the accordion light up and take a key part in the song.)


which was  a covered by the iconic Aterciopelados !!! here

here’s also a sick cumbia using asian chords

lizandro meza: cumbia del oriente
Cumbia p’a Oriente – Lisandro Mesa by Canalh

and with this neo-tropical awareness!! he doesn’t want to be left behind.. Meza has also collaborated recording an electro-cumbia( or what in colombia we know as the posh “cubilleo”) of his mega hit “las tapas



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