If you played these Nu Cumbia tunes to me without telling me who the artist is, I would swear 120% that it’s my homie Sonido Del Principe.

It has his vibe, feel and sound written all over it and it just goes to demonstrate that our boy’s influence is spreading far and wide.  You know I appreciate SDP’s music more and more with the passage of time because there really is no-one else doing what he does in the way that he does it.

I appreciate it more and  more too when I hear some of the Nu Cumbia stuff coming out and can detect the SDP influence in the tracks.

Without being too unfair to the guy who made these tunes, MR IOSO, whose Kumbia banger we featured here a few weeks back, he does one hell of a great job in duplicating that SDP sound.

I’m sure if my homie heard these he would agree and give this tunes the heads up, alas he’s still in China.

So I’ll probably play these next Saturday when SDP returns from his samurai training in China and we meet up in Amsterdam to do a party.  I’ll have a sneaky look at SDP’s face when I drop em’ 🙂

I know Mr Ioso is a big SDP fan and would probably readily admit that he made these tunes with SDP clearly in mind.

Anyway, I love both tracks, I think they’re great Nu Cumbia tunes.

mr. ioso – ronka by mr. ioso

mr. ioso – Kumbia poderosa by mr. ioso

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