Everyone who’s been in the big apple, has something to say about N.Y. specially immigrants musicians, legal and illegal ones, that’s why i decided to take some of the best covers from Sting‘s ultra famous Englishman in New york;

put them 2gether and made a small but nice compilation.

grab it here.

Starting from Spanish band Che Sudaka who covered the song as “Sin papeles” talking about being illegal aliens from europe and south america in north america.

The Latin-ska masters  king chango with “Venezuelan in New York”  take the same aspects of how tough is for latinos reach the border but specially how tougher are cops and immigration officers once you are in the Big Apple

The Turkish band Dolapdere Big Gang does are great arab/reggae version

Tanghetto, the neo tango band from Argentina released in March 2008 an instrumental version of the song on their album el miedo a la libertad with the vocal part replaced by a bandoneon, and keeping the jazz n’ reggae elements of the original in the arrangements.

Shinehead made a reggae/dub cover version of the song called Jamaican in New York.

Omid Djalili made a cover for a UK  show called  iranian in uk video

also this one a great acoustic version from Adhitia Sofyan who is a bedroom musician from Jakarta


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