That guy called GHANDI who I met last week over the Qawwali Dubstep kerfuffle has done this very COOL mix, which I’ll say a little bit more about below.

But first heading back to the Qawwali Dubstep topic:

Although I felt that Ghandi was not right on the first occassion about his opinion on the Dub Factory track he put forward as Qawwali Dubstep, he has since come up with a real corker.

It’s a much earlier Qawwali Dubstep track than the one by Sufi Dubstars.  It’s by Geiom and is called “Zalim Maar Daala” and it came out in or about 2007.  So a big up to him.  I’m sure there’s likely to be many more and so keep them coming in please.

Coming back to his mix, he later wrote to me after the Sufi Dubstars post to tell me that he’d just realized that I was involved in doing one of his favourite compilations, The Beginners Guide To Belly Dance.  I co-compiled this with my partner in the Shisha Sound System along with some of our dancer friends almost 2 years ago.

Futhermore, that he’d built this mix around that compilation!!!!

So, of course I thought it was more than worthy to grace our blog as it’s a damn fine mix too and plus we just don’t put up enough Middle Eastern stuff on this blog. Well, that’s more to do with the fact that the Middle Eastern scene is a little stale at the minute.  But all that might be about to change if a special project I’m proposing to play a key role in actually happens, more on that another time, if ever….lol…

Anyway, I can’t tell you much about this guy called Ghandi save for that he has exceptional taste 🙂

I can also tell you about a hilarious story that pre-empted the GHANDI name for him, well let him tell you in his own words:

I go to India every year. One time I went out with a Mohican and every where I went people, esp. richshaw wallahs, would shout out “Mogambo! Mogambo kush a wah! Bote bote kush a wah!” quoting Amrish Puri who played the villain in Mr India.

Anyhow, back in Delhi after several months of being called Amrish and Mogambo the joke was starting to wear thin so one morning I nipped out in just a t-shirt, longee & flip flops to have my head shaved.

Now I’m skinny and I wear round glasses and as soon as all these driver wallahs who I’ve known for time saw me they cracked up and renamed me Ghandi. My mates who witnessed this thought this was hilarious so I’ve been Ghandi ever since, though I spell it differently. True story.


It’s a very tasty mix and although I’m very familiar with all the material on this mix, it makes for a great change from the ever so samey mixes coming out at the minute, so NICE ONE GHANDI!

Hummus rules (Belly Hop, various types of dub, qawwali, digi, balkan, ‘step etc) by ghandi


Flying Lotus ‘GNGBNG’

Bassnectar & Kraddy ‘Snakecharmer’ (instr.) 2.22

BJ Nevenko ‘Infusion Du Ment’ 5.48

Gypsy Caravan ‘Sputnik’ 8.32

Knossos ‘Tarak’ 10.57

Orient Expressions ‘Ehmendo’ (Pressure Drop rmx) 15.00

Nusrat Fatih Ali Khan / Gaudi ‘Dil Da Rog Muka Ja Mahi’ (Pinch 4/4 rmx) 20.28

Cesaria Evora ‘Angola’ (Carl Craig rmx) 25.04

Praful ‘Says Kabir’ (Kareem Raihani Broken Beat rmx) 32.36

Pole ‘Winkelstreben’ (Ghislain Poirier rmx) 37.10

Vieux Farka Toure ‘Ana’ (Captain Planet rmx) 41.04

Disrupt ‘Riddim Grid’ 45.21

Radiq ‘The Grass Roots’ (Radiq’s Babylon dub rmx) 48.50

Disrupt ‘Selassie I Continually’ 53.53

Gnawa Njoum Experience ‘Sourie’ 58.39

Bigga Bush vs Kocani Orkestra ‘L’Orient est Roots’ 63.00

SubSwara ‘Backwater Dub’ 65.42

Grim Feast ‘Beast VIP’ 68.23

Fundamental ‘The Last Gospel’ 72.04


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