Homies, as you know, Vince has been away for a little while in a very small country with a tiny population called CHINA!

Whilst he’s been away, in addition to Zuzuka and Hipi Duki, we’ve been getting a lot of help and some top quality posts from our brother Alberto a.k.a. Caballo & the Mothafu Kings.

You must have noticed over the past couple of weeks some great posts on things like Post Dancehall Era, Colombian Cumbia, Bhangramuffin’, Dark n’ Bass and loads of other great stuff all provided to you in quite a different and unique voice, well that’s been Caballo.

We’re very pleased to announce that he’s a part of the Generation Bass team and will be posting some great stuff at least 4-6 times per week and so watch out for his hot shit!

Caballo is a native Colombian but is currently residing in Toronto, Canada with his gorgeous missus. He has his finger in many different pies man and aside from the Mothafu Kings output he is also part of a Death Metal band, Therapy For Pain and also the Cheval Chamber Orchestra 🙂

So his music output like his influences stretch very far and wide, PERFECT for this blog.

In the meanwhile, if you have not done so already please do grab his current album, GLOBAL PROPOGANDA.



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