A great “Post Dancehall” track!

Hail The King (Thornato remix) by thornato

Plus a cool animals in the jungle mix …lol…

“Electronic and traditional folk mashed potatoes all in one big pot”, as the dude says himself!

Sexy Bitch Mix Mash by thornato

And a cool all round mash the genres mix including, Soul, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Electro and Gypsy!

Hellgateset by thornato

1. California Soul- (diplo remix)
2. Run It- (EPMD duke dumont remix)
3. Kuff Fumbia- (sabo)
4. Dude- (Beenie Man & Ms. Thing)
5. Fakir – ub40 dancehall mix
6. Again & Again – Roots Manuva artic monkeys remix
7. 2000007 – Modeselektor (suriusmo remix)
8. Create your own realty – Brother Ipp
9. Aiko, Aiko Brother ipp
10. King of Africa – Douster
11. Wedding Crocek- Goran Bregovic

All by a dude from Brooklyn, USA called THORNATO!

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