Here’s somebody fresh on the basss scene, Canadian producer TERROR TONE.

Here’s what he says about himself:

Terror Tone is a name I produce electronic music under.

I make music because I love music. It’s really an obsession.

If you enjoy what I do, let me know, I appreciate it tremendously.

And a little about his background:


One fateful night, after experiencing the energy of the pulsating dance music pouring out of the speakers at a rave at the Ontario Science Centre, Terror Tone was gripped with a compelling urge to explore the depths of electronic music for himself. He started producing drum & bass music and went on to host a radio show at the University of Windsor, which went on to win titles in both “best new show” and “best electronic show” at the CJAM Radio awards in 2006.
His love for Drum and Bass quickly evolved to other genres in the rave scene to what is now quite a broad range of styles. Sitting at the computer for hours with his essentials: Cubase, multiple synths, and loads of coffee – Terror Tone churns out unparalleled original beats at a pace that would intimidate most.

Pulling influence from Drum & Bass, U.K Garage, and Dubstep – Terror Tone has created a sound reminiscent of the past, but in a refreshing, innovative style all his own. The arpeggiatted bass wobbles, fear inducing synth stabs, and intricately woven percussion, invoke an old school rave nostalgia.

From his productions, it’s clear that he doesn’t hold back – but instead indulges in every parameter available. His dedication to music is unrivaled: a true slave to his passion, Terror Tone’s social life often takes the back seat to his work. That’s not to say that when he’s out he isn’t having a good time though. Terror Tone’s, better known to his friends as Luke, is highly approachable, admirably optimistic, and loves to share his love of music with everyone.






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