Well GB has decided to take the amazon river in a musical journey!! we’ve gone to Peru, Colombia, and today’s turn is Brazil!!

Too much for a post so i’ll bring just some.. of the coolest guys in brazil (N.A.S. A’s guys are just soooooooo DOPE i preferred to put some other guys)


Edu K is undoubtedly one of Brazil’s most talented contemporary musicians. From the late Eighties onwards, Edu K has been the singer and front man of seminal Brazilian punk band De Falla (named after the classical Spanish composer). Releasing more than seven albums, and varying their musical style from heavy metal to punk rock and funk, De Falla soon became a legendary name in Brazil, known for musical innovations and their energetic live shows. Inbetween, the Porto Alegre based Edu K released one solo album and produced various important bands like the mangue beat kings Chico Science & Nação Zumbi, Mundo Livre S.A. and Otto, as well as the rap groups Câmbio Negro and Pavilhão Nove. Recently he produced the Brazilian pop rock sensation Detonautas Roque Clube.


To me, my favorite brazilian funky/miami bass sound band!! The producer Tejo Damasceno approached MC BNegao and the producer Alexandre Basa to create Turbo Trio, a combo that has come out to thicken the sound hot pot of fast BPMs. And like the speed of its beats, its building up an unusual expectation at festivals and specialized recording labels in Brazil and abroad.

and this is really SICK!! sorta baile funk+Ratos de porao

MIXHELL are paulistas

Iggor Cavalera is recognized throughout the world as a master drummer and former member of none other than Brazilian heavy-metal band Sepultura. However, he is as much familiar with turntables and MPCs and he is with a drum kit, taking his credo of Hard Beat Beat and applying it to other projects. As mixhell, he and his wife, Laima Leyton, combine dancefloor and hard rock sensibilities for DJ sets as unpredictable as Cavalera’s musical career.

Download this awesome stuff right there (courtesy of the awesome guys from XLR8R)

1. Iron Maiden “The Number of the Beast (Mixhell Edit)”
2. Iron Maiden “Run to the Hills (Mixhell Edit)”
3. Lowclub “Brooklyn People”
4. Mixhell “The Kids Are Alright”
5. Claude Von Stroke “The Whistler”
6. Rolf Honey “Blast Up”
7. Surkin “Hoes Get Down”
8. Faggetfairys “Uzela (prod. Joakim, T.O.M , Sensimilla)”
9. Lilica Libertine “Manhunt”
10. Justice “Phantom Part II (Soulwax Remix)”
11. Turbo Trio “Terremoto (Mixhell Remix)”
12. Buraka Som Sistema “Yah!”
13. Mixhell “Sore Throath Break”
14. Choreo “Cut The Dust (Mixhell Edit)”
15. Jane’s Addiction “Stop!”
16. Dusty Kid “The Cat (Crookers Remix)”
17. Dusty Kid “The Cat”
18. Jean Nipon “Raw Deal”
19. Benjamin Theves “Texas”
20. Hands of God “Fingers (Moulinex Remix)”
21. Terry Lynn “Kocky/ KingstonLogic (Mixhell Edit)”
22. Surkin “Ghetto Obsession”
23. Crookers “We are Prostitutes”
24. Cajuan “The Raven”
25. Brodinsky “Bad Runner”
26. KIM “Wet n Wild (Riot in Belgium Remix)”
27. The Rapture “Who! Alright (SMD Remix)”
28. Sebastian “Nu Song”
29. New Young Pony Club “Ice Cream”
30. Mudd “Adventures In Bickett Wood (Layne’s Head Stash Re-Roll)”
31. Alloy Mental “Alloy Mental (Boys Noize Remix)”
32. Rolf Honey “Call them Dude”
33. Chernobyl “Baile Punk”
34. Sinden “Ghetto Bitches”
35. NYPC “Get Lucky”
36. Radioclit “Divine Gosa (Brodinsky Remix)”
37. Proper Vilains “Tricky Baby”
38. Justice “The Party”
39. Donovan “Yo!”
40. Crookers “Politik Kills”
41. Turbo Trio & Chernobyl “Ela ta na Festa”
42. King Amir “Samir’s Theme (Erick E Extended)”
43. Zombie Disco Squad “Straight Boy”
44. LA Priest “Straight Man (Erol Alkan Remix)”
45. Mixhell “The Kids Are Alright”

DJ Marky from Sao paulo

copacabana club from Parana

Just Do It from copacabana club on Vimeo.

download it!! [King Of The Night EP]

the pic was taken by my great friend ricardo canhoto


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