ghandOK.. let’s try something different today.. and why dont we do a lil bit of sumthing!

depending on your mood you’ll choose whatcha want and you can DOWNLOAD ‘EM FOR FREE!!! just one click n’ ready to ur mp3/ipod/laptop or whatever u want to..

a dope dub/reggae mix by dreadbot

Track List:

1. Full of Action Commercial – Irie FM
2. Pass The Marijuanna – Mystic Roots Band
3. High Grade Enchantier – Dreadbot Mashup – Richie Spice/ Jahtari Riddim Force
4. Matrix Babylon – Dreadbot Mashup – The Heptones/ Disrupt
5. Heatwave affair – Mary J Bliege/ Heatwave
6. I & I Time – Hi Fi Killers
7. Dreadlock Love – DJ BC
8. Creezy Hype – Gnarls Barkley, Rubi Dan
9. Bam Bam It’s De La – DJ BC
10. She Gone – Mikey Murka
11. Got to Get Away – Easy Star Alllstars
12. Truth and rights – Johnny Osbourne
13. Ride into the Sun – High Speed Dubbers
14. Youth So Cold – Richie Spice
15. Bad Reaction – Culver City Dub Collective
16. Easy Hipocrites – DJ BC
17. In the Ghetto – King in Kingston
18. Dubbing Up The Walls – Easy Star Allstars
19. End Game Dub – Ras Amerlock
20. Walkey Walk Tall – 10 Ft Ganja Plant
21. More Marijuanna – Chuck Fenda
22. Black Rights – Fe Me Time Allstars
23. Thin Man Skank – The Lions
24. 420 Material World – Dreadbot Mashup – Lee Perry/ Blaze Dem
25. Bauhelm Dub – Disrupt/ Bo Marley
26. Satta Dub – Jah Shaka
27. Farmer In the Sky – Jahtari Riddim Force
28. Mash Down – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

a grime mix by northstar
northstar halloween by northstar

a Dn’B hot mixfrom touchedbyrecords

this is what they have to say about it
Free download-Touched By Records DuBs Mix- By Possibility by Touchedbyrecords

This Mix is from Possibility the head of the highly exciting new label Touched by Records. The labels first release is due next month witch is Pessimist- Whispers of Scandal backed with the S.P.Y Remix. Look out for it in all good Vinyl shops. Now sit back and enjoy some of what the New Label has to Offer. Comments Please

Track listing:
Dakosa – Humanity (Touched By Dub)
Joe Syntax – Sentinels (Touched By Dub)
Mr Distance – Technology (Touched By Dub)
Amoss – Lost In Tokyo (Touched By Dub)
Pessimist – Whispers of Scandal (Touched By Dub)
Joe Syntax – Expectra (Med School Dub)
Mr Distance + Joe Syntax – Void (Cylon Dub)
Mr Distance – Particles Moving (Touched By Dub)
Joe Syntax – Keep Doing It (Touched By Dub)
Pessimist – For the Weaker (Touched By Dub)
Pessimist – Whispers of Scandal (S.P.Y Remix) (Touched By Dub)
C.A.B.L.E – Stay Away (Touched By Dub)
Pessimist – Proceed (Sinnistarr Remix) (Touched By Dub)
Amoss – Move (Touched By Dub)
Joe Syntax – Famboise (Kasra Remix) (Touched By Dub)
Mr Distance – Technology (Zero T Remix) (Touched By Dub)

or a mashup cumbia/latin by my “compadre” eltimbe

despiporre mayor by eltimbe

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