Generation Bass’ people are the first and only in getting hands on this!

Classical & electronica + some funk n’ acid jazz from Colombia/Canada.

Cheval Chamber Orchestra or CCO is a Colombian/Canadian project based in Toronto.  This is the first Album Caelum et Limbus.  And it was recorded and produced in Toronto. Trying to keep the colombian style, tho.

This is a review from a “connoisseur” of classical music in an “only classical” radio station here…

“CCO’s Caelum et limbus is a lush and beautiful soundscape that combines the rich natural sounds of traditional Classical instruments with pure synthesis. Every second implants the listener with images of the most amazing natural wonders and emotions, enveloping them in an aural paradise. The combinations of elements of the songs merge so seamlessly that you’re left without question that the composers are electronic/classical new masters. The opening song “Nephesh’s Alpha” blends a very rich sounding violin, scratch vocals & a crisp down-tempo beat with a smooth flowing bass line. Later a vocoded voice fades into the mix, adding a rough granular texture to the song. A great deal of precision and timing went into this song and I can’t think of a better way to open this album than with the brilliant textures used here. Caelum et Limbus is what every ambient lover dreams of, with all of the emotion and intensity intact. This isn’t just another album to be put on Muzak for café-goers to hear as they sip their morning coffee. It’s not just another typical down tempo beat that you’ve heard a hundred times over. It’s the very soul of ambience, the musical embodiment of serenity and utter bliss.”

listen to the full version
cheval chamber orchestra- Nephesh” alpha by caballo


some “random”stuff: Even though it was made in Canada and mastered in Miami, for me CCO is a Colombian Electro-Classical project, the art in the album was made by the suppa talented maida rodriguez ( a spanish/canouk artist) and about the name (i wanted follow the N.A.S.A name and call it CO.CA but you know… COCA from colombia!!..not a smart choice, neither CACO cuz thats burglar in colombia) so i chose CCO!!!

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