peru-music-chincheros-smLatintronica has already combined shimmering electronica soundscapes with Brazilian bossa nova in mid/late 90’s, Argentine tango early 2000’s, Mexican banda sinaloense and Colombian cumbia nowadays.
So it was only a matter of time before a collective of trendy musical gourmets attempted a similar fusion with the rootsy folklore of Peru: the Afro-Peruvian sound made famous in this country by Susana Baca.

Novalima, and its four members, who live in different corners of the world, have been successful in creating yet another Latintronica sub-genre. At times, the group’s choices are a bit shallow, but for the most part, Novalima strikes the perfect balance between reverential homage and joyous futurism. Novalima’s most inspired idea was to include guest spots by seminal artists from the Afro-Peruvian field such as singer Lucila Campos.
You can listen to their new album FREE and a description about the tracks on their own website .

Another great example, and unfortunately almost totally unknown, even for peruvian musicians, is my relative new good friend gustavo a.k.a tavitoo who makes afro-peruvian and electronica.. who’s showing me another side (the underground one) of afro peruvian electronica..Check this guy out!
La Pirula by ovatsug

another side of afroperu this nice YES
Yes by ovatsug

Proyecto8 by ovatsug

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