1. That´s one of the things I like from here: our music. thank you for share it with the world through your blog (it´s clear you have knowledge of this topic) and thanks to all this bands.

  2. please check the correct spelling for the band is : chocquibtown CHOCQUIBTOWN

    also to rectify, pernett has played with sidestepper and calle 13, but not chocquibtown or bomba estreo. tostao from cqt and the girl form bomba were featured on one of pernett’s tracks ‘el baile del guevatronik’, and bomba;s sound is heavily influenced by pernett but that’s it, they dont play together.

  3. ufffffff piel mantra son unos tezos que buena banda son mis respetos que sonido en vivo tan bueno los recomiendo
    gracias muchachos por esa musica

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