I must confess, I don’t really listen to other mixes all the way through or in one sitting unless something unique about it appeals to me.

Often I look at the tracklisting, if there is one, which usually gives me an indication on what’s on offer and what to expect and so normally it’s a quick listen to this bit and that bit kind of job.

An unusual or unfamiliar tracklist always perks my interest sky-high.

Plus man I don’t really have the time to be sitting here all day listening to other DJ mixes when I have so much new music to check out, search and find to put on this blog, work to feed the family, spend time with them and do my handbag house, Ghettotech and Dubstep shit from time to time  🙂

Here’s an interesting, unconventional type of mix though.  I’m not familiar with many of the tracks and I like the way that this lady mixes her shit up with a little bit of chat pon the mic, which for this kinda thing does work and adds a freshness to the proceedings.  A little busy in patches but such is life.

Plus it’s a one track, live remix style and I’m a big fan of improvised one take mixes.

It’s a Hip Hop-Dancehall-House Music “LIVE” mashup!

Can’t really tell you much about her at all which adds to the mystery save that she friended me on Soundcloud and obviously she made the right decision cause I listened in and appreciated 😉


Morning Swishers & Black Tea 2 by msmanyasf

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