Caballo’s thoughts of 2009

Well..I dunno where to start,because i didn’t expect to become part of GB, only to share my thoughts about music i dig; i need to thank Vince “the prince” and Dj UMB for bringing me here, and to the rest of the guys who send/share music to us.
Also to the people who believe in free music, who doesn’t care in spending tons of time, or in many cases their own money to give their music away!!
To all the underground army out there, let’s make get heard this 2010!!! !


Although the title sounds a bit dramatic, it wasnt meant to be 🙂 just wanted to share some words on the last year and look into tha future like steve miller…

2009 was a great year for me and for GENERATION BASS. I made a lot of new friends from all over the globe with this blog, but also a few VERY special ones! First off, I tip my hat to the relentless energy and music addiction that is DJ UMB!!!! AMAR, you’ve been more than a co-writer on the blog, pushing it forward with your love of music and sheer energy mate! Since some time now, YOU have been the driving force behind the blog, while i’ve been busy travelling, dj-ing and basicly taking it slow(er), you have continued the posts, kept everybody on their toes and initiated new ideas and thought for GB. Total respect and love my friend!

Also a word has to go out to the equally amazing CABALLO, our latest blogger and the ever present HIPI DUKI. C has been super active and really pushing the limits with his excellent posts on all sorts of cool music and HIPI keeps coming up with these great comps… man…. A SUPER BIG THANKS & HUG!

And there are more peeps doing their thang… the great ZUZUKA and STICKY K, that have done great posts and helped out taking the blog to new levels and our guest contributors like FREDERIC GALLIANO and DAVE QUAM. Also a word o thanks to our techy behind the scenes… ERIK! Thank you all guys, without you we wouldnt be where we are today!

Where is that? you might ask? well… NEARING 500.000 VISITORS!!!!! In little over a year, this blog has turned into a beacon for all who love their bass music with a twist and who love the sounds of CUMBIA, KUDURO and all that other great NU WHIRLED MUSIC! Massive respect to YOU the readers of the BLOG, for keeping us on our toes and keep visiting this place in the great wide web to hang out and check out new music with us….

We will try to continue onwards and upwards with as many exclusives as possible, more indepth look at different musical scenes and producers and will also step up the interview game a notch! We will be GENERATION BASS in 2010 and want to aim for that magical number. There will be ANOTHER MAIN GB live EVENT in 2010, and we will continue to represent at parties worldwide with our love for good, new music. I hope you will be there with us!

T*H*A*N*K* Y*O*U* A*L*L*!!!!

may 2010 be a good year for you and those you love,

see ya in 2010!

-vince / generation bass

2009, that's all folks!

Ok, 2009 is almost up and so it’s THANK YOU time.

Just want to say a BIG, BIG thanks to Vince who had the vision and foresight to start up this blog back in February this year, were it not for him, Gen Bass would NOT EXIST.

Believe it or not I did not know much about blogs at that time and this blog was one of the first that I came across around that time and I instantly knew this was the one for me.  I was familiar with all this music and had been into it for a while but never thought about presenting it in this way.

Vince brought me on board and we just clicked.  I hope we managed to succeed in presenting to you the best new, innovative and ground-breaking Transnational Bass sounds out there in 2009.

Man we’ve had some huge highs, like the Manu Chao thing, being voted as Top 10 blog by Afropop Worldwide and getting accolades from some major superstar djs, artists, labels and music Godfathers.  Man we never thought we’d be this influential!!!

Then there’s the stats, which we find incredible to believe.  We keep on thinking there must be a hitch somewhere on the counter running up the stats, perhaps its putting too many zeros at the end of the numbers…lol

I want to thank everybody who’s been following us here.  Everybody who has followed me via Facebook, My Space, Fairtilizer and Soundcloud.

Man I get embarrassed by some of the amazing comments you guys leave for me and I often think have they left it for the wrong person, mistaken identity perhaps…lol…..but man it makes my day to hear the things you say and I’m eternally grateful to you for taking the time and making the effort to do so, that is SUPA DOPE!!!

Many of you often ask me…UMB..where do you find this shit…..and my reply is always, I just follow my nose, I can smell it and that’s how I find it!!!

Big, Big thanks also to our other blog homies:

Hipi Duki whose amazing Soundamerica series just goes from strength to strength.  Dude thanks so much for putting all the painstaking time and effort to put those great compilations together.  They’re unique and this is what we hope this blog is all about.

Caballo, my bro’ from another mo’.  Caballo has just been on FIRE since he started making contributions.  It was not long before I realized, dude, this guy is doing a better job than you are on some of the features you set up and so it’s pass the baton time and so Magnificent Sunday Seven has become Caballo’s M.S.7. rightfully and deservedly so.  Man he puts so much work, enthusiasm and detail into his posts, it’s incredible and we’re very lucky to have him on board.

I think what Caballo and Hipi both do that me and Vince could never do is present South American flava’s in a way which is more authentic and real than we could ever do.  Cause they’re both South American and it takes a South American to get into the real South American psyche.  There are certain things, maxims and a presence that a Dutch guy and a an English guy could never represent like a true South American!!!

Then there’s our superstar…Sticky K, Zuzuka and Frederic Galliano.  Man these are people we look up to and yet here they are making a contribution to our humble blog and in return it demonstrates their humbleness.

Sticky has been very busy with a variety of things and so he’s not been able to make as much as a contribution as he said he’d like to have done but he keeps on delivering those exclusive remixes for us from time to time and man that is sikkk!!!

Zuzuka, has been keeping us all up to date with all that’s been going on in NYC with her parties’ and man that’s so COOL.

Frederic who has presented some amazing exclusive stuff from some of the major players in South Africa, Tony Armado-King of Kuduro and DJ Mbuso, in addition to exclusives of his own material.

Thanks also to Dave Quam and Wear Rock who also made a small contribution earlier in the year.

So what about 2010, well Vince will tell you a little bit more in his and our final post of 2009.

All that I can add is that we hope to have a Generation Bass Digi Label up and running in 2010 where we will present some very exciting artist and compilation releases.



SubSwara’s new stuff!

Subswara from Brooklyn, forges a sound that takes its cues as much from dub, ragga and dancehall as it does from electronica. Finding like-minded souls in Haj (producer and DJ) and Sunder Srinivasan (turntablist and DJ), both residents of New York’s tribal-breaks bastion Freek Factory, Sub Swara – swara is Indian classical music speak for the seven basic notes – was born. Trinidadian native John Lashley, better known as Dub War‘s MC Juakali, and Sharmaji (Dave Sharma – producer, percussionist and DJ) rounded out the bill perfectly.

Killa Sound Boy Remix by Sub Swara
now guys!!! check this tracklist!!!

1. Complex Players Dub (Sub Swara Remix) – Mochipet
2. Red Lipstick (Sub Swara Remix) – Skint & Demoralised
3. Everything Up (Joker & Ginz Remix) – Zero 7
4. Space Boots (Slugabed remix) – BD1982
5. Koli Stance (David Starfire Remix) – Sub Swara
6. Cobra (Sub Swara Remix) – David Starfire
7. Wanna be Dancin’ (Sub Swara Remix) – The Glass
8. Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Remix) – B. Rich
9. The Unseen – Mimosa
10. Glitterstep (Sub Swara Remix) – Shiva Soundsystem

and download it!!
Sub Swara Podcast 006 (Dhruva Presents) by Sub Swara

Glitterstep (Sub Swara Remix) by Sub Swara
Each brings his own inimitable cultural and musical identity and influence on the path to a common objective – destroying any preconception of what urban dance music should sound like in 2008 only to resurrect it in a low frequency style all their own.

Morley’s Traffic jam got remixed
Traffic Jam (Sub Swara refix) by Sub Swara
….So good things often come through in pairs, and in this case, a remix for Mochipet. The track is out as a pre-release exclusive on Addictech and is part of a slew of remixes by great producers like Kraddy, Restiform Bodies, iLL.Gates and more. You can listen to the remix here

All the samba drums are live and rocked out by Sharmaji straight out of the Crown Heights studio. Subswara saw a few sick batucada videos on youtube and decided that had to weave that element into one of their productions so there you have it! The release will go worldwide on all digital retail outlets in February.


Our homie and good mate, MOTORPITCH who is well known for his work on Man Recordings with our other good mate, DJ Beware has just dropped this awesome mix of his favourite club tracks of 2009.

Motorpitch has done some phenomenal work in the past with his mash ups and his club releases/remixes with Beware and he’s got some AWESOME shit lined up for 2010.

So be sure to check HIM out!!!

Here’s what he says:

Here is a mix I did with some of my favourite club tracks of 2009:


And here’s the tracklist with Artist – Song – Label:

Style Of Eye – Grounded (Horns Mix) – Pickadoll
Fagget Fairys – Roll The Dice (B. Rich RMX) – Music For Dreams
Twizzle – Skydiving (Greenmoney In Tha Sky RMX) – unknown label
Mowgli – London To Paris – Deadfish
Solo – Rawmania – Sound Pellegrino
Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker RMX) – Wichita Recordings
Housemeister D – Dutch Girls (Dem Slackers RMX) – Whitelabel
Riva Starr – Black Cat, White Cat – Made To Play
Claude VonStroke – Beat That Bird – Dirtybird
Luca Lozano – Berlinetta – Dirtybird
Mongrel – Hit From The Morning Sun (Beware & Motorpitch RMX) – Wall Of Sound
Big Nuz – Yes Please – Afrotainment
Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Edu K RMX) – Cooperative Music
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak RMX) – Fool’s Gold Records
Oxia – Sun Step – 8Bit
Daniel Haaksman – Pobum Coco (Sharkslayer Bass Dub) – Man Recordings
Yolanda Be Cool – Holy Cow (Beware & Motorpitch RMX) – Sweat It Out!

This is a great way to be ending 2009 and this will get you UP & ROCKING!!!!

Black Milk's keep going!

Dope drums, nice flow, sweet riddim… what else to make a organic hip hop good song.. make it free 😉

here’s Black milk

and the track of his upcoming Album of the Year, dropping Summer 2010 on Fat Beat Records. Drums by Daru Jones, additional keyboards and background vocals by Aaron “AB” Abernathy.


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Global Bullerengue

Songoro Cosongo

Founded in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro, the band is made up of musicians from Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile and thus what they play is a mixture of Brazilian music, Latin rythms, Reggae and Jazz.

listen to some SANCOCHO (jazz, bossa-cumbia)

a sweet track merengue.. sorta bullerengue that reminds me to la mojarra electrica‘s bandeja con pollo

download the album here

And the amazing Mojarra Electrica!!

This band creates a new sound taking traditional afrocolombian music (Bullerenge, currulao, cumbia) as ground zero, mixingit with Soukus, Ragga, Reggae Timba cubana, Funk and Jazz. Their music is the A-BOMB and the coolest part is these guys have never lost the critical direction of their lyrics.

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