Ok, this is my last mix in the “CALLING” series.

A series which has been exploring Dubstep from all over the globe.

“WORLD CALLING : TRANSNATIONAL DUBSTEP” is a round up of stuff from all over the planet as opposed to concentrating only on one theme.

It starts off in the Middle East for some inspiration from Oum Kalthsoum’s backing string orchestra.  Then it goes to Turkey and/or Turkmenistan to explore the Sufi tradition.  It then flies off to Argentina to find Astor’s soul and after capturing the essence of that it trudges over to the Balkans in Europe to busk with some gypsies.

Whilst busking with the gypsies, it spots a beautiful woman who emigrated from the States and who married an Indian gentleman who was originally born in Greece.  His mother was half-Chinese who became enamoured with Bhangra music from the Punjab in India. But little did she know that the so called Punjabi dance music was in fact bigger in the UK that it had been in India.

Disillusioned, the family travel to Africa where upon they stumble across an African Chief by the name of Mizwabi.  The African Chief loves dance and celebration and revels in that a lot with his wife who originated from Colombia but whose father was Argentinian and whose mother was from Angola.

They have relatives in Jamaica who would love to go to Africa but due to their poverty and inability to get a visa, they can only but imagine how Africa might sound.  Well, lucky for them their cousin Tikki is a well travelled man with a British passport.  He sends them pics of the great continent from his temporary home in the Balkans where he carries out his voluntary work from his year out from University!

Lol…well there you have it…:-)  could not be arsed to be too clever and so I just wrote whatever came into my mind and I don’t expect you to read it or for it to make any sense.

So it contains Dubstep infused with Arabic, Cumbia, Tango, Greek, Turkish, Balkan, Swing, Bhangra, Kuduro, Safari and Dancehall inflexions!!!!!!




1. Dub Step Halal – Zeb
2. White City – Tafuri
3. Step To Tango – Hybu
4. Valium Gitan – Sa’ Bat Machines
5. Sylvia – Sa’ Bat Machines
6. Opium Lounge – Tears For Monks (Miraja rmx)
7. Dubbio – Fleck
8. Strung Out – Bar 9
9. Bol! Bol! Bol! –Tigerstyle feat. Miss Rimpi (StreamerPilot’s Dholstep mix)
10. Diesel Not Petrol – Sukh Knight
11. Jungle Drums – Demz
12. Zingolo – Tinny (Doorly Remix)
13. Cumbia – Mexican Institute of Sound (Deathface remix)
14. Sound of Kuduro – Buraka Som Sistema feat. MIA (Remix ?)
15. Mutant – Liquid Stranger
16. Safari Dub – Thierry Le DJ
17. Africa VIP – The Others
18. In the Gangsta Police Car – 16 Bit (Process Rebel Mash Up – Dr Israel)

Here’s a recap on the previous ones in this series:

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01 INDIA CALLING DUBSTEP YAAR (October 2009) by djumb

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Rumi Calling : Sufi Dubstep

RUMI CALLING : SUFI DUB (November 2009) by djumb


  1. lol…………loooooooove the write-up and totally loving this mix……………haven’t listened to the other delights in the series yet. Long Live Global Dubstep!!!!!

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