Wu-tang songs + dubstep. It has to be awesome. As soon as i saw this on soundcloud, i searched and heard a couple of songs and was amazed. It’s always good to hear some Wu stuff. After “Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 1” we can hear some great remixes on vol 2.  This is a great album and you should go and buy it, steal it, download it and then listen and enjoy.

Wu-Tang Clan Meets The Indie Culture Vol.2 (Enter The Dubstep)

1. Deep Space (Jay Da Flex & Yoof Remix)
2. New Year Banga (Rogue Star Remix)
3. Street Corners (Scuba Scythe Remix)
4. Love Don’t Cost (A Thing)/Still Grimey (Nebulla & Dore Remixes)
5. Knuckle Up (Matt U Remix)
6. Biochemical Equation (Datsik & Excision Remix)
7. Keep Hustlin (Trillbass Remix)
8. Now Or Never (Parson Remix)
9. Cinema (Chimpo Remix)
10. Coke (DZ Remix)
11. Iconoclasts (Syndaesia & AKS Remix)
12. Handle The Heights (Stenchman Remix)
13. Do It Big (Baobinga & ID Remix) Wu Tang – Do It Big (Baobinga & I.D. Official RMX) – LTD by baobinga
14. Wu-Tang (DZ Remix)
15. Let’s Get It (Evol Intent Remix)
16. Lyrical Swords (Pawn Remix)
17. Think Differently (Hellfire Machina Remix)
18. Pencil/MyPiano/Firehouse (Soroka Remixes)
19. Alphabets (Dakimh Instrumental Remix)


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