What Is A Zombie?

Although there are many different definitions for the word “zombie” from a West African Snake God to a West Indian victim of voodoo, what we are really talking about here is a reanimated, human corpse that seeks to devour the flesh of living human beings.

Can Zombie Outbreaks Be Discerned In The Archaeological Record?

Hard zombie evidence is always difficult to uncover. The bones of the living dead are not physically different from those of the conventionally deceased. An archaeologist looking for evidence of zombies should look for corpses that have been either decapitated or brained. As we all know, these two methods are the only two ways of stopping the living dead. Of course, a crushed skull does not necessarily prove the presence of the undead. If possible, scholars should research the methods of warfare used by the people in question. If decapitation and braining were not part of their “M.O.,” then cranial trauma might be a red flag.

The remains of a zombie’s victim may also tell us as much, if not more, than the remains of an actual zombie. Look for bones that have been marked by human teeth but lack the scrapes of a butchering implement. This may be evidence of the living dead, since traditional human cannibals have a tendency to ‘prepare’ their meals with scrapers and other tools.

Who Are Zombies For Money?

Zombies For Money are the ultimate 21st century zombie musicians! Fighting against the system they want take control of the record world industry… And destroy it! They are Manaia Shambling and Putrid Klipar II.



Zombies For Money – ZFM EP 1

01. Sacanagem
02. Bhangra Dance
03. Numbra One

Download All EP Here (Direct Link)

Zombies For Money
Vitiated December Mixtape


01. Zombies For Money – Intro (Part Taken From LA Riots Mx)
02. Kick Oh – Black Celebration (SonicC Rmx)
03. The Subs – Mitsubitchi
04. Dj Mouse – Cytrus
05. French Fries ft. Bambounou – Coconut
06. Diplo & Laidback Luke – Hey! (Jaimie Fanatic & DJ Rockid Rmx)
07. Dopefish – They Call It Murder (Zombie Edit)
08. Drop The Lime – Devils Eyes (Diplo Rmx)
09. Zombies For Money – Sacanagem
10. Sound of Stereo – Zipper (Dj Manaia Rmx)
11. Reekay Garcia – Back To The Beat (Riva Starr Rmx)
12. Zombies For Money – Numbra One
13. Yolanda Be Cool – Afro Nuts (Douster Rmx)
14. Renaissance Man – Canto Della Kalimba Bootcut
15. Daniel Haaksman ft. MC Militihno – Kid Conga (HighBloo Rmx)
16. Project Cyborg – Ohoh!
17. Autoerotique – Gladiator (Torro Torro Rmx)
18. Drop The Lime – Devil Eyes (BeatauCue Rmx)
19. Rolvario ft. Pablo Vegas – That’s How It Goes
20. SonicC – Saiph
21. Lazy Flow – Mambo Fever (Kid Kaio Low & High Rmx)
22. Riot Kid – Darjeling
23. Zombies For Money – Bhangra Dance
24. MadKids – Porcelain Fountains
25. Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart (Savage Skulls Rmx)
26. Will Bailey & Hot Mouth – Set It Off
27. LA Riots – The Drop
28. Blatta & Inesha – Bite Your Lip (Congorock Rmx)

Download It Here (Mediafire)

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