2 great tracks I discovered a few days ago.

Mundial Dub by Sonido De La Frontera

Cumbia Mundial by Sonido De La Frontera

Here’s some more info about the band:

Sonido De La Frontera is the combination of Soundsystem culture, Hip-Hop production aesthetic, and the sounds of Latin America’s most prolific dance music: Cumbia. The result is a bass oriented, dance driven music with a sound unique to the border between San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico.

This trio is made up of Karlos Paez, Mr. Henshaw, and DJ Unite.

Karlos Paez is the energetic frontman for San Diego’s premiere Latin Music project, The B-Side Players. With his unique vocal styling, and ability to deliver a magnetic performance, Karlos produces lyrics that seduces dancers, while inducing the spirit of rebellion.

Mr. Henshaw is the producer for First Power Crew, and has produced many break records directed towards the avid turntablist. His sound is dark, and heavy, and his emphasis is big drums, and big bass.

DJ Unite is 1/5 of San Diego’s Champion Reggae Soundsystem, Tribe Of Kings. A veteran DJ who cut his teeth on dancefloors nationwide, Unite is well versed in keeping dances energetic, with a musical arsenal that spans the genres.

Sonido De La Frontera is not only equipped to to rock their energetic stage show, but are proficient in controlling a dance all night long. A wide of range of musical selections, and a knack for playing to dancers for hours are what makes this Sonido a crowd favorite.

“Cumbia Mundial” is the first release from Sonido De La Frontera. The theme of this tune is based around Cumbia’s tendency to move a dancer, no matter what country your are from.

“Mundial Dub” is the companion piece to Cumbia Mundial, made in the tradition of Jamaican Dub music, and it’s use of space and heavy low end.

To contact Sonido De La Frontera:
[email protected]


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