Great new news about out our gal CHEASLEAUEN!!

You might recall we were the first in blogosphere to unleash the amazing talents of this brilliant future superstar a while back, which led to her signing to UK based Senseless Records and a collaboration with King of Kuduro and our blog homie, Frederic Galliano.

Here’s the official spiel from Senseless on some great new remixes which are being released:

Hitting you below the belt and sounding a 2010 cross between Lil Kim, Rye Rye and The Cool Kids, Senseless are very proud to present their first artist from the US of A. Cheasleauen (Shass-Lowen) is Detroit native now living in Las Vegas with all the style, sex and attitude of Sin City present and correct in her sound. It’s hard-hitting rap with a fiery temper mixed up with futuristic electro beats and a good girl gone bad attitude. Add insane remixes from wonky-gloop-step man of the moment Slugabed (Stuff/Ramp/Planet Mu), new boy Murlo (Square Roots) and Senseless’ resident beat scientist Ghosttown and you have yourself a hot little package.

After hearing her music on the Generation Bass blog Senseless reached outcross the Atlantic to sign Cheasleauen up quicker than losing $500 on the roulette tables. The first fruit of the new deal is, ‘Off The Glass’, an ode to doing that thing that people like doing: drinking. The original sits precise rhymes over an insistent minimal electro beat with a chorus so boozy it makes you want to leap through the swinging doors of the nearest saloon immediately and grab yourself a bottle of Dom P.

Let’s ditch the hyperbole, the Slugabed mix is incredible. Taking the original rap and transforming it absolutely and completely into a squelching slice of wonky space acid. Echoes of French electro mixed with all that’s good about the current crop of forward marching UK beat makers, this one if ready for DJs from any genre. Big room, small room or bedroom you will dance when this is played.

Another new Senseless discovery Murlo serves up some cracked-out house music in a carnival-on-mushrooms style. A 4×4 soca rhythm in the UK funky mould takes a left turn with a wild pitched vocal chorus and some psychedelic percussion, dancefloor energy for late, late nights.

Last but not by any means least Ghosttown steps in to provide what can only be described as two certified bangers. Leaping off from the Neptunes school of beat making, his remix of ‘Off The Glass’ is jabbing white noise and percussive synths plus his own take on those drunk horns and a touch of gangsta whine to get your lean on. Finally he remixes a killer vocal from Cheasleauen’s latest mixtape for the bonus track, flipping Fire over a digital Miami Vice sunset. Watch out for another Cheasleaun single coming early 2010 and a full album not far behind.

Here’s the Murlo mix at 320 for y’all FREE!


But man, the others are MEGA too!!!


Digital Download

Cheasleauen – Off The Glass
Cheasleauen – Off The Glass (Slugabed RMX)
Cheasleauen – Off The Glass (Ghosttown RMX)
Cheasleauen – Off The Glass (Murlo RMX)
Cheasleauen – Fire (Ghosttown RMX)

RELEASE DATE: 15.12.09

FORMATS: Digital Download

ONE LINE: Ice cold rhyming from Sin City, remixes from Slugabed and Ghosttown.

All info, photos, bookings contact:

[email protected]


twitter: senselessrcds

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