In collaboration with Le Poisson Rouge, BOOmCha! showcases some of the hottest new tropical sounds from across the globe every second Friday of the month. The rotation consists of an exotic blend ranging from Baile Funk, Dancehall, Afrobeat, Ghettotech, Booty Bass, Afrobass, and many other tropical delightsoll




Vodka Red Bull specials all night!!

10pm – 4am21 – W/ ID – $ 5 ONLY!!

*Flyer by Juliano Domingues

LE POISSON ROUGE 158 Bleecker street www.lepoissonrouge.com


Click here to see Photos from last BOOmCha!!
by Jereme Taylor

DJ’s & Live Performances



We would like to thank Philly & the Double Dutch crew:
Dirty South Joe, Resident Dj’s Gun$ Garcia & Lady Prowl and Philly’s Flyest

Hosts Jenny Boom Boom & Talea Bella for bringing Neurotic Bass (Juan Wooles & Zuzuka Poderosa) to The Barbary.

Here is the video shot and edited by Apavoramento & Maliby Stacy:



Sean “Cobra” Krames is a performer with an open ear and a passion for rocking the party. He plays a bangingmix of club music, parking lot anthems, and the jams you love-he gets hands in the air and people on stage!

Krames’ excitement about music is most apparent in his newest work. He has a new EP out on NastyMixxx Records entitled “ThrowBaxxx,” featuring tracks including “Sound Of The Police,” which was featured on a Crookers mixtape for Mad Decent.

His “Cracker Jackin'” EP recently dominated the #1 slot on Turntable Labfor two consecutive weeks. His work is currently featured on mixtapes by the likes of Diplo, Crookers, Stretch Armstrong and DJ Benzi. He has also completed several commissioned remixes for artists including PRGz,Hangar 18, Purple Crush, San Serac, White Girl Lust, Kocky, Ocelot and Space Dog.Krames lives in Brooklyn, New York and will be conquering a dance floor near you very soon.


(Commercial Free x Super Villiany)

The Lyrical Prodigy known as ScienZe was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He began to make beats on a Casio Keyboard at age 9 with his older brother Seven Synz and started to rap at 11. He claims Mod Def, The Roots, Lauryn Hill, Common SENSE, and Dead Prez as strong influences.

Creating music fueled by lyrics that paint pictures in your mind, ScienZe is like an MC from the Golden Age. His eloquent flows over classy beats will win you over, and his limitless rhymes will leave you astounded. ScienZe is in the building.

JMAY has achieved a no.1 ranking on both soundclick.com and isound.com (two of the largest music communities online) for his hiphop production. This led to creation of JMAY productions LLC, and writing, producing and remixing for talent in UK, Germany, France and Japan .

Upon moving to Brooklyn, Jmay began to remix vintage African tracks from vinyl, compile mix-tapes, and run a recording studio under his new production company Super Villiany.

Download ScienZe “Peace Like The Sunshine”

Download Ninjasonik’s “Tight Pants”(JMAY’s Sittin Fat Down South Remix)



(Xao Productions)

DJ Comrade is part of Xão Productions, a record label and events production company based in NYC and Rio de Janeiro. Focusing primarily on Funk Carioca (or Baile Funk),but mixing in all sorts of other genres,(Hip-Hop/Crunk, Dancehall, Kuduro, Old-SchoolHouse, Miami Bass, etc).

What seperates DJ Comrade are of his sets performed Liveon the Akai MPD (MPC) drum sampler. In true Funk Carioca style, creating live ‘Montagems’ – (mash-ups, remixes, party breaks) and original tunes on the fly.



Click here to check out photos of Sleigh Bells live at Le Poisson Rouge 11/19/09

This New York based duo consists of Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss, Derek on beat production, guitars, and songwriting; Alexis on vocals.

The beats bang with bass, laced with ultra distorted guitars and analog synths. Krauss’ vocals are powerful, an equal match for Derek’s ferocious beats. It’s as if Danny Lohner and Trent Reznor quit everything to flip hiphop flavored analog tracks a la Ratatat and got a front woman that can wail. I honestly don’t know whether to shake my ass, bang my head, or start breaking stuff!

The new year sees Sleigh Bells in the studio for the first two months recording an album which is going to be really heavy, definitely heavier than the first demos. Derek will produce 90% of the album himself and bring in a co-producer on some tracks. Expect the album to be a bit more metal and moodier with less guitars.

I was honored to recently share the stage with Sleigh Bells along with PoPo, DJ JMAY, and Death Traitor DJs at Le Poisson Rouge. Their live performance blew me away and made me a believer. Sleigh Bells is the real deal.

Sleigh Bells “A/B Machines” LIVE at Le Poisson Rouge NYC from AbzPunkPhoto on Vimeo.

Sleigh Bells “Crown on the Ground” LIVE at Le Poisson Rouge NYC from AbzPunkPhoto on Vimeo.

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and thanks for all the luv and support!! Beijoss
Zuzuka Poderosa

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