Here’s some very FRESSSHHH and cool Dancehall/Soca/Reggae vybz courtesy of DONDEMAN.

SOCA TIME AGAIN BY DON DE MAN by dondeman independant labe

One Love BY DONDEMAN by dondeman independant labe

Don Di Man – What dem want by dondeman independant labe

Don De Man – Flossy dance by dondeman independant labe

Let’s take a short intermission to find out more about this talented dude:

Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Dondeman was raised in a reggae culture both on the streets and in his own family network. He grew up in a church environment belting out tunes during Sunday service alongside his mom. He later went around with his dad and brother on weekends playing out on sound systems.

Dondeman took his next step and came to London, England to expand the reggae roots back in 2003. He started out djing at parties, clubs and on radio and people fell in love with his versatile style being able to adapt and sing along to many different genres of music being soca, dancehall, reggaeton and gospel with a touch of pop.

Due to this phase in his life, he decided to try a new step of actual singing. He made his first two tunes, “WRITE A LETTER TO MAMA” and “WHY OH WHY” and got such a good response that he sat down and committed himself and did an album called “TEK IT TO DEM” which was released 2008. This album featured different moods of music to cater to young and old.

Since the album he has also made a few more singles, “WHAT A THING” and “WHY”. He could be heard in such places as Canada, Exclusive radio in Atlanta, in the Caribbean in Antigua Red Hot Flames Radio and Irie FM in Jamaica, in Europe on Boomerang Radio in France and London on 1xtra. He has also performed alongside international artist like Timmy and Nard from Barbados on a soca side and Tanya Evans from Culture Beat on a pop side, and at carnivals around UK.

Currently Dondeman is touring in Europe such as France, Germany and Spain getting to know his fans all over. His music style brings back memories and is gaining popularity among music lovers around the globe. His music represents the past, the present and the future. Dondeman is destined to achieve exposure with his music worldwide.


Dondeman super star by dondeman independant labe

Shake Ya Bumper – Don De Man.128.kbps by dondeman independant labe

Gucci Loving – Don De Man.128.kbps by dondeman independant labe

Don De Man – Stamina Daddy Remix by dondeman independant labe

Don De Man – Good old days by dondeman independant labe

Father Help Me – Don De Man.128.kbps by dondeman independant labe

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