Man,  a few of us were very lucky to be given the opportunity to remix the son of a legend, Vieux Farka Toure, whose father was of course ALI FARKA TOURE.

Perhaps one of the proudest moments yet of my short remix career.  Better still, the remix I did with my Juke partner in crime, Peter Pozorek, made the final official release on the Six Degrees label.

Here’s the write up that I’ve taken directly from the Six Degrees blog, GLOBAL NOIZE written by Bob Duskis:


Next Tuesday sees the release of our Vieux Farka Touré remix project, Other Roads: Fondo Remixed. I really enjoyed putting this collection together and I feel like the diverse cast of remixers really brought their “A Game” in respect to the beautiful source material from Vieux’s original versions. From atmospheric psy-dub to dance-floor bangers to minimal tech treatments, the various mixes cover a lot of stylistic ground on this collection and I am particularly proud of the variety and creativity throughout the release.

To whet your appetite today, we are offering a free download of Israeli producer Sabbo’s scorching take on the track “Cherie Le”. Be sure to check out the full release of Other Roads next week and if you like his mix, definitely delve into Sabbo’s latest Soulico project which is well worth your attention.

FREE DOWNLOAD – Vieux Farka Touré – Cherie Le (Sabbo remix)

I must confess, both Jukes really liked Sabbo’s remix and it is probably one of our faves amongst the bunch.

So you can download Sabbo’s remix but if you want ours, you’re gonna have to dig in your pocket and find some cash……

We can stream it here for you to tempt you 😉


But you can download Pete’s brilliant PRINCE ZIMBOO remix to make up for that minor indiscretion 🙂

Price Zimboo- Polish Prince RMX by PeterPozorek


Starting next Tuesday you can buy the Fondo Remixes on i-Tunes, emusic, or directly from Six Degrees.

Support your local artists…..hahahaha..

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