Tapa Sonidero


is the alter-ego from FRIKSTAILERS have made a brutal mixes from cumbia classics ready to set the dancefloor on fire!!

you can download it right here

just hit descargar (download in Spanish)

Contra sonidero

The music of Frikstailers has mainly a very high level of energy. This is the super rhythmic and sampladelic project in which Rafael Caivano and Lisandro Sona work their taste for the freestyle dancefloors. In their compositions pieces of artists that shake the group unconscious of all the world like Britney Spears, Madonna or Justin Timberlake, are dismembered in microsounds that mutates until they get to another dimension, they reach another aesthetic and meaning This tunes, mainstream hits, pass thru the multiprocessor of Frikstailers, they are mixed with noises taken almost from any font. The final result of all this touches for moments styles like dancehall, cumbia, reggaeton, hip hop, funk, house and techno. Sometimes they become strange, schizophrenic, but yet they keep the glamour of the original pieces. Frikstailers is part of the catalogue of the promotion label Pino Rec, based in Mexico and Argentina, which objective is to promote latinamerican artists that compose electronic fusion music.

our bros MADDECENT posted this song from their cool EP

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