ExplorePAHistory-a0b3b5-a_349Here’s the strangest Cumbia hybrid I’ve ever heard.

It’s by that guy Thornato, who we’ve covered here previously.

He describes the track as follows:

rosie work song (recorded in mississippi state pen 1947) meets cumbia meets crete folk melody

But he omits any reference to a Balkan sample.

So there you have it a Rosie work song meets cumbia with a Balkan sample underlined with a Cretian folk melody!!!!!

I Go Free by thornato


  1. Yeah! he also omits that the percussion loop was taken from the song “Astor Disco” from the argentinean band Altocamet and released in the album “Velada Bristol Casino” (TM 02) in Argentina in 1998.
    I was the bass & guitar player in Altocamet in those days…

    why the people that use samples dont declare it?

    G.Piacenza aka Tanox aka Doma Tornados aka Hipi Duki

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