My bro’s NOVA are back with a TERRIFYING remix to scare even the pants off Osma Bin Laden and his best mates hairy Bush and pussy Blair!..bunch of war crims!

I LOVE what this band do and are about and f*** all the haters cause I believe in this band and as time goes on, you’ll see what I mean.  We’re really hoping to bring these guys over for Gen Bass 2010 to destroy Tilburg..lol…

So here’s their RmX of a Black Daniel track, play it LOUD and wreck the joint!

Black Daniel – Here Comes Caesar NOVA RMX by Punkstep

Here’s some others you can download again:

NOVA – My Mistress by Punkstep

NOVA – Of Ill Repute by Punkstep

NOVA – Skunk Rock by Punkstep

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