I random listen to mainstream artists, i do tho..sometimes i perceive POP as my nemesis, specially when an artist promotes herself with a slogan “Buy anything with my name on it.” ….. well that’s the approach Amanda Blank has taken..she is a member of a loose collective of musicians that includes Spank Rock, Santigold, and Diplo!!

And because Downtown music made a clever contest and tons of talented guys jumped on board and made a remix of her song might like you better...i knew about her.

EVEN Sabbo!!! our dear friend; made a wicked remix!!!

It made me ask.. are we (Mad decent, GB, Bootlegumachine, etc..)Blogs starting (slowly and unconsciously) the newest trends of POP/Mainstream?

by using breakbeat, barefoot, dubstep and all sorta stuff we love..

IF that’s the case… THAT’S JUST EPIC!!!!!  Post dancehall era is getting better!!!! and more mainstream!!!..

SEAN PAUL‘s she want me sounds totally barefoot/breakbeat to me

you can download it here

or listen to the riddim of his mega hit SO FINE

and the Official Version

so let’s say welcome to 2010!!! to everyone who loves music.. no matter how underground or mainstream it is..


P.S.  Sorry for gatecrashing the party Caballo but here’s also a new Amanda Blank remix I picked up from RCRD LBL:



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