I’ve been saving this up for a while and here we go yooo, a batch of cumbia shared by dif sources, and now by us to you. Big up to cumbia lovers worldwide, Big up to the singers and producers, Big up to the entire nueva cumbia movement -you know who you isss!

Jorge Meza-Virgen_de_Guadalupe – great track, beautiful shakers!

La Liga – Quemando con noel – more VILLERA! big up la liga!

Celso Pina – La_Blanca_y_La_Morena – CLASSICO! Celso rules man…

LOS SULTANES – DALE MARACA  – and a whole nother level!

kumbia queers – La China Es Cumbianchera – nueva cumbia

la banda de lechuga – tomo para olvidar – cooliooooo!

Grupo Pgmento-La Cumbiambera (2009) – new cumbia, but not nueva…

El Verdadero – Cumbia  -like the title says 🙂

Al_Calor_de_la_Cumbia – via dj rupture’s awesome la congona!

Grupo Estrella – Muevelo – just beautiful!

los mirlos – muchachita del oriente – one of my personal favs!

GRUPO CELESTE – COMO UN AVE – courtesy of federico peronists

Grupo Jalado – Cumbia Parrandera -and the last one for now!


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