MayaVanya, gorgeous twin sisters from New Zealand with Croatian roots.

These girls caused a bit of havoc when they appeared on a Mad Decent post a little while back. Anyway, with all that nonsense behind us, these girls laid down a new live mix which I caught on Soundcloud which is totally immense.

It contains a large number of tracks I’ve never heard before including some of their own edits and bootlegs which are VERY TASTY indeed!!

The music on this will heat you up this Christmas but I know some of you are just gonna get heated up by the pic but man that’s life!!!

Watch out for this pair, they’re DANGEROUS!!!!

MayaVanya live at Piha minimix, Dec 09 by MayaVanya

Just a couple of tracks we felt like putting together at Piha beach…the waves and sand got in the way at some points..

Ronny Santana ft. Jordy – En la Nalga (vocal intro)
Basti Grub – Simbaaa
Daniel Steinberg – Bailando
Worthy – Tondero (mayavanya touch up)
Lazy Flow – Afro Maniok (mayavanya edit)
Set Me Free (zombie disco squad remix)
Edu Imbernon – Mayenco (mayavanya ‘La Mezcla’ pan flute epidemic bootleg)
Worthy – Surdo
Neuroxyde – Super Extra Fat
Dave Keno – Bonito


  1. They are KIWI’S, New Zealanders!! However I think you should stick to rating the music and the mixes NOT the looks. Ok mixes and sound for newcomers, a long way to go, but who knows. Good Luck Girls.

  2. These girls may have good tune selection but they cannot mix have heard them live numerous times, this has probably been done on ableton by the sounds of things

  3. I have seen them live at Cassette every Saturday night (my second home may i add) and one thing they CAN do is mix and play rad tunes, this mix is pretty simple but mixing wise no idea what you are talking about Jackson Tyler

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