You know it’s great when you discover new talent on your doorstep and at such a young age too..hey don’t even go there, I ain’t no Kiddy-fiddler, hate those fuckers!

I predict that this guy might just emerge as Birmingham’s (England) Nu Dubstep Prince on the evidence of 1 track and it’s his first!!!!

IMHO, it shows a lot of raw and potential talent that might just blossom into something quite special in time to come!

Here’s what the KID says about himself:

YO, I’m 16, from Birmingham, and I’ve beeen in the game about 4/5 months.

im loving it so far, and i am completely addicted to dubstep


His name, CORKZ, remember that and also remember where you heard it first!!

Check it out for yourself!

And you know this blog is all in favour of giving unknowns and newcomers a BREAK and so even if I’m wrong, Fuck it, who cares…lol…

Weyao by Corkz


  1. Yo bro u picked a diamond here, defo see what u mean about the hidden talents waiting to rear their bassy head! This is a big tune. Bassline is sick – props to Corkz

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